Say hello to the leadership team at Perrysburg First Church

Jim Jennings - Senior Pastor

Fun Facts: Pastor Jim is a proud girl dad (he and his wife Amy have 3), loves craft sodas and is a passionate fan of English futbol.

Melissa McGurk - Administrative Assistant

Fun Facts: Melissa is a proud mom of two who loves live music and sports, sweets,

and on-line shopping.

Tolanda Kronfield - Director of Outreach & Member Care

Fun Facts: Tolanda loves watching her granddaughter show horses and spending time in her quilt room.

Zane Powell - Communications Director

Fun Facts: If Zane could have a super power, it would be to fly. He also loves to shop on Amazon and loves fun facts!

Sharron Waclawski - Preschool Administrator

Fun Facts: Sharron enjoys vacationing with her husband and still loves playing with Playdough!

Jodi Packard - Pastor of

Family Ministry

Fun Facts: Jodi loves fairy gardens, and believes her spirit animal is a unicorn :)

Tim Cloeter - Director of Music

Fun Facts: Tim believes that Double Stuffed Oreos offer the perfect cookie-to-stuffing ratio.

Dax Rice - Multimedia Coordinator 

Fun Facts: Dax is a "Dad Joke" master. He also has a dog name Lou and loves black licorice.

Irma Wolf - Church Treasurer

Fun Facts: Irma has 2 "Grandrats" - Elvis & Elton. She is also a spreadsheet ninja!